Барак Обама: "Російська армія здійснила інтервенцію в Україну"

Нещодавно в просторі інтернету знайшов робота в Facebook Messenger, який має назву "The White House" та дозволяє відправити повідомлення президенту США Бараку Обамі. 

Звісно, я вирішив, що не можу таке пропустити.

Моє повідомлення, яке я зміг відправити з 4 спроби через обхідні шляхи, бо таке спілкування доступне лише жителям США, було вкрай коротке, але вирішив спробувати та написав "Please help for Ukraine!". 

 І от увечері 18 серпня 2016 року мені приходить відповідь від Білого дому на мою електронну адресу з офіційною позицією Барака Обами щодо війни в Україні, анексії Криму та навіть економічної ситуації. Звичайно, ймовірність того, що це писав особисто президент США близько нуля, але це все ж офіційний лист, а не проста відписка.

Залишаю оригінальний текст, щоб нічого не пропустити! 
The White House, Washington

Thank you for writing.  My Administration continues to be deeply concerned by ongoing events in Ukraine and actions taken by Russia, and I appreciate hearing from you.

Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine, its occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea, and its support for violent separatists constitute a threat to Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.  These actions violate international law, including Russia’s obligations under the United Nations Charter.  Russia’s intervention is also inconsistent with the 1994 Budapest Memorandum, in which the United States, the Russian Federation, and the United Kingdom committed to respect Ukraine’s independence, sovereignty, and existing borders.  The United States reaffirms this commitment to the Ukrainian government and the people of Ukraine, and we condemn Russia’s failure to abide by its commitments as demonstrated by its unilateral military actions and its continuing efforts to destabilize Ukraine.

Russia’s actions undermine the foundation of the global security architecture and endanger European peace and security.  By supporting, encouraging, training, and arming separatists in eastern Ukraine, Russia has fueled conflict and violence—including the senseless shootdown of Malaysia Airlines flight 17 that resulted in the tragic loss of nearly 300 innocent lives.  As I have said from the very beginning of this crisis, we want to see a negotiated solution, and I have urged President Putin to work constructively with President Poroshenko and the international community to reach a lasting settlement to the conflict.  However, as long as Russia continues to destabilize its neighbor, we will continue to respond to its aggressive actions.

Through sanctions, we have imposed significant costs on Russia.  And we have told Russia in no uncertain terms that its continued direct involvement with and support of its pro-Russian fighters in eastern Ukraine are violations of international law and the commitments it made in the Minsk agreements of September 2014 and February 2015.  These actions will only lead to Russia’s further isolation from the international community.

America will continue to support Ukraine’s efforts to affirm its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and we will provide assistance and the best expertise available to help Ukraine repair its economy and address humanitarian needs.  It is up to the Ukrainian people to determine their own destiny.  As they work to restore unity, peace, and security to their country and build a more democratic, prosperous, and just state, we will stand by their side.


Barack Obama

Visit WhiteHouse.gov


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